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We help business owners grow, protect, and ultimately sell their companies for top dollar

Our comprehensive group of niche’ professionals and business advisors will help you:

  • Maximize the transferable value of your business
  • Mitigate your key risks, reduce operating expenses, avoid unnecessary taxes, and improve cash flow
  • Qualify for missed tax deductions, tax refunds, and cost savings for redeployment into value creation projects.
  • Create and focus on the key metrics that drive company performance and financial success.

The Stepping Stones of Longevity Planning:

We help business owners answer these important questions:

Valuation & Transition Planning

  • What is my business currently worth?
  • When is the best time to put my business up for sale ?
  • What key performance metrics will attract the right type of buyers of my business?
  • Do I have enough net assets to provide me with true financial freedom and security?
  • If not, how do I fill the financial gaps before I exit?

Strategic Growth Planning

  • Should we invest in innovation?
  • Should we focus on continuous improvement methods? If so, which ones?
  • Which projects will add to the value of our company?
  • What returns can we expect from new projects given today’s uncertain environment?
  • Should we acquire or be acquired?
  • Should we expand into new markets?

Succession & Retention Planning

  • Is my successor and next level management team ready to take over the reigns of the business?
  • If the worst happens, does my company and my family know what to do?
  • Who should take over the leadership role?
  • Who needs to stay on board through a control transition?
  • How can we assure they stay?
  • Am I offering a buyer “transferable value?


  • How do we protect the business and our people in the event of an emergency or disaster?
  • Is the business adequately insured against its risk exposures?
  • How much will be enough to comfortably retire with?
  • How can I make sure we’re building an enduring legacy?



Your Personal Board of Advisors

The Blue Sea Advisors Network provides the proven framework and top-tier niche’ talent to help you accomplish your unique vision, goals, and objectives, through effective:

  • Business valuations and continuity planning
  • Constraint identification and management
  • Growth strategy development
  • Metrics-based project prioritization
  • Structured innovation processes
  • Succession planning and key team retention strategies
  • Ownership transition preparation
  • Retirement lifestyle planning
  • Asset protection and estate planning, and
  • Advanced tax and cost reduction strategies

We listen closely to what your greatest current concerns are, and help you immediately address them with your current team or with the talent you need.

You’ll be able to pinpoint the root cause of your current system’s constraint–your weakest link–no matter which functional area it is hiding within.

Your organization will gain traction by focusing on the right operational metrics and weekly commitments to achieve the mission of your company while increasing its financial strength and future longevity.

We’ll orchestrate for you any required collaboration among external professionals or fractional-share business advisors required to compliment the internal capabilities of your next-level management team members.

As a majority-control shareholder, you won’t be able to capitalize on the value of your business unless you can demonstrate that it can survive and thrive without you. Otherwise, buyers will recognize that most of your company’s value walks out the door with you.

So, we help you work ON your business systems, processes, and next-level management team, to maximize the attractiveness and transferable value of your company.

Using our powerful Longevity Planning Process:

● You’ll discover whether the current net FMV of your business and your current outside financial resources can provide you with the financial freedom and retirement lifestyle you’ve been working to achieve.

● If a financial gap exists, we’ll help you prioritize the projects and process improvements that will add the most value to your business enterprise from the perspective of a third-party buyer.

● We’ll then help you set up the right forward-looking managerial metrics and Scenario Planning Dashboard so you can keep a handle on the progress you and your team are making in growing the value of your business.

Business Valuation Consulting

Your company is most likely your most important and valuable asset.

But 98% of business owners don’t really know their company’s fair market value because private company valuations used to be quite expensive, time-consuming, and invasive.
Not anymore.
We’ve partnered with the world leader in business valuation software, BizEquity, so you can afford to track your private company’s market value as frequently as you’d like.
Never before has there been such a convenient way to verify whether you’re working on the right priorities and consistently adding value to your business enterprise.

There are some 30 million private businesses in the United States. Over the next ten years, $12 Trillion of wealth will be transferred to new ownership.
Our Network’s professionals and advisors can help you add millions of dollars to the value of your business BEFORE you decide to transfer ownership, and make sure you’re taking the right steps along the way to “finish strong”.

Has your current team of wealth advisors, professional attorneys and CPAs helped you determine if your net business sale proceeds and other liquid assets would be sufficient to provide you with the income streams you’ll need in retirement?
If not, do you have a written Business Growth and Transition Plan on how to get there?
Are your key team members committed to your vision, goals, and aspirations?
Do you know how to maximize the transferable value of your business in the marketplace?
The Blue Sea Advisors Network can help you get there. It’s pretty tough to do it all on your own.
Business Advisors
Are you feeling stuck in your business?

The Blue Sea Advisors Network is here to help.

We are a collaborative consortium of:

  • Fortune 500 level business leaders,
  • structured innovation engineers,
  • tax and cost reduction specialists,
  • continuous improvement implementation experts,
  • fractional CMOs and Sales VPs, and
  • professionals in law, accounting, M&A, and risk management,

who can help you break through your current constraints, no matter where they may reside inside your business.

Our mission is to help middle-market company owners maximize the value of their businesses in the marketplace while increasing their financial longevity and legacy prospects going forward.

With proper planning, you can finish strong, protect everything you’ve built, enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve, and create the legacy you want.

The Blue Sea Advisors Network can help you get there.

Professional Risk Management and Continuity Planning
Every day, business owners like you face a multitude of risks. Some risks can be covered by insurance. Others cannot. Still, others can be self-insured in a tax-favored manner.
When you need a risk management professional, simply call our Network. We have the risk management and insurance professionals to mitigate your greatest risks, help you preserve what you’ve built, and plan for the unexpected.

About Gary T. Rose, J.D.

Business Advisor

As a former practicing business and estate planning attorney, construction industry C-level executive and business owner, continuous improvement implementer, early stage business investor and consultant, property and casualty counselor, life insurance professional, and real estate broker, I bring my business clients a rare set of skills, experience and perspective enhanced by a top-notch consortium of collaborative professionals. The Blue Sea Advisors Network can help you overcome your key constraints and strengthen your company’s weakest links, whether in marketing, sales, operations, innovation, finance, human resources, risk management, or tax and cost controls.

Some of our Industry Experts Within the Blue Sea Advisors Network

Constraint Management Implementation Managers
Managerial Accounting Dashboard and Data Experts
creating a strategy
Fractional Chief Marketing Officers for opening new market opportunities
R&D Tax Credit Attorneys with audit-proof processes
cyber security
Cyber-Security P&C Specialists
business team
EOS Implementers and Integrators
business advisors
IP Attorneys that build enterprise value
Creative Innovation Think Tanks
business automation
Industry 4.0 Automation Analysts

What if you could afford to break through your current business constraints with the help of top-tier business professionals and advisors?


Now you can.

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Here’s Some Reviews of Our Prior Engagements

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“I first met Gary in 2016 when we were both involved in resisting a conservation authority’s plan for unreasonable restrictions which would detrimentally affect an area not only in which we both owned property, but which would adversely affect thousands of other property owners. Ultimately the plan was defeated through the mobilization of thousands of property owners who Gary, I and a number of other people advocated on behalf of. During this process, Gary was deeply involved in legal and other research to determine not only the legality of the plan but to find alternatives that had been utilized elsewhere to address the same concerns but not in such a heavy handed manner. Throughout the process Gary worked incredible hours, communicated constantly to keep people advised and was generally passionate, practical and efficient in all of his dealings. In other words he was just the person you wanted on your side.”

-Grant Sawiak


“Gary is not only knowledgeable and thorough, he is personable. He makes difficult things easy to understand, and removes the fear from the things we really need to do. I highly recommend Gary.”

-Mike Gruley


“Gary is a trusted advisor. He has a wealth of experience and expertise that he skillfully manages with a pragmatic approach.”

-Nicolas Camargo


“Gary was a very prominent ally to have in our corner during our fight with a misguided local government bureaucracy. He was tenacious, honest, fearless, tireless and very effective. This was several years ago but he still continues to monitor things on our behalf. Get this guy in your corner!”

-Bob Burchell BA, DDS, MSc Endo (Mich)


“The service I receive is outstanding – I’ve been working with Gary for about 4 years and he’s NEVER let me down. Gary goes out of his way to explain situations to you. His emails are detailed and heart felt and you can tell that he truly wants you to understand your options. He really puts a lot of love into his work and you can see it. This isn’t a “job” to him, it’s his life. I love working with Gary. It’s hard to find good people these days and he’s one of the best there is.”

-Kevin George


“Great guy! Intelligent, honest and knowledgeable!”

-Joel Dorfman