About Blue Sea Advisors

Our Roots

Live your life by a compass, not a clock.Stephen Covey

The twin firms, Blue Sea Advisors LLC and Summit Legacy Advisors LLC were founded by Gary T. Rose, J.D., a business and estate planning attorney, who became General Counsel and then CEO of a middle market family manufacturing business serving the new home construction industry. With over 20 years experience in this arena, he went on to procure his real estate brokers, builders, securities, life, and property and casualty insurance licenses.

Surprised by the absence of a comprehensive, holistic business and personal financial planning firm for business owners within the middle market, and handicapped by the piecemeal, non-coordinated nature of the services he received from his various legal, accounting, insurance, and investment advisors over the years, he set out to fill that gap, and create a unique, customer-centric business think thank that could cater to the real needs and goals of manufacturing business owners, their key management teams, and their loved ones.

Like an ocean catamaran built for speed and stability, he combined the disciplines of strategic value enhancement planning with comprehensive risk management.


Blue Sea Advisors LLC, our fee-based consulting firm, helps business owners prepare for perhaps the biggest financial transaction of their lifetime: maximizing and liquifying the tied-up equity within their business. Blue Sea concentrates on a proven seven step process for enhancing the value of physical product-based businesses from the perspective of a buyer, and helps these business owners properly prepare for a successful transition within their desired time frame. As part of this consulting service, Blue Sea Advisors offers company owners accurate business valuations, strategic growth planning, constraint-based metrics on the major value drivers of the business, succession planning, transition preparation, and a personal financial freedom blueprint.

The best time to sell a business is after several years of increasing growth and profitability. If that track record has been broken, and the owner still wants to “right the ship”, we can bring in talented resources to help re-establish profitable growth momentum so that multiples of value can be added back to the business prior to sale.

Summit Legacy Advisors, LLC

As the second “hull” of this enterprise, Summit Legacy Advisors LLC is an independent insurance brokerage that provides a comprehensive suite of competitive coverage options for:

  • Buy-Sell agreement funding

  • Business continuation

  • Executive benefits

  • Key Person retention strategies

  • Estate tax liability elimination or reduction

  • Lifetime income options

  • Long-term care event planning

  • Disability income supplementation

  • Minimizing Sequence of Return Risk in or near retirement

  • Minimizing Longevity Risk

  • Supplementing Retirement Income through tax-sheltered growth

Selection of the right insurance coverages is part and parcel of protecting the value of your business and key management team. Comprehensive family protection packages are often used to attract and retain key employees whose commitment level to your ultimate success is critical to the transition process.

With access to the top-rated life insurance, disability income, annuity, and long-term care insurance carriers, we survey the markets for you for the best combination of value, coverage, underwriting criteria, rider options, convertibility, financial strength, and customer service. In addition, Summit has established relationships with their Advanced Planning Teams to assist in larger, more complex situations. These teams are comprised of highly-credentialed industry veterans who are attorneys, CPAs, CLUs, CFAs, CFPs, ChFCs, and other specialists in the insurance industry. We further partner with leading property and casualty firms to assess gaps in your liability exposures, get them covered for you, or reduce your risks and exposures through revised contractual provisions.

A successful business exit in today’s red ocean of disruptive technologies and cutthroat competition requires close collaboration, synchronization, and brainstorming among a team of specialists from the legal, tax accounting, investment banking and business consulting communities. Blue Sea Advisors, LLC can help you design a comprehensive exit map, assemble the right team to steer your enterprise in the right direction, and ultimately complete your transition journey without running aground.