Guide 1: Follow our Proven Strategic Growth and Transition Process

  1. Express your Goals, Objectives, and Timeline in writing.
  2. Quantify your Business and Personal Resources.
  3. Adopt and implement Constraint Management, Lean Thinking, and Structured Innovation processes to maximize the value of the business.
  4. Establish the Right Metrics to drive your Team’s decision making.
  5. Protect yourself, your family and your Company from major risks.
  6. Conduct an organizational, legal, and operational due diligence audit well in advance of an ownership transition.
  7. Vest your Key Team in a successful transition outcome.
  8. Consider how to allocate your post-transaction capital for retirement income and financial freedom.


Fortunes are made or lost, not by what happens to us, but by how we react in the face of crisis. Start by viewing your business as an acquirer would. Find out where the hidden value of your business really lies, and how an acquirer might look at your company, so you’ll know where to focus your rebuilding efforts.
This completely confidential Business Longevity Check-Up will help you focus on the best ROI opportunities you may ever have.

To unlock the full benefits of the Check-Up, we’d love to discuss the questions with you. If you’d like to set up an interactive session to go over the questions in this form, click Contact Us below.


How would you rate your company’s various business functions?

Guide 4: “What must businesses do to safely re-open after Covid-19?”

The link below from boils down hundreds of pages of rules, regulations, guidelines, and executive orders into the shortest possible approved checklist, applicable to any business with live customer-employee interactions.

Guide 5: The BizEquity Small Business Survival Guide for the Coronavirus

A handy compendium of resources and links for Covid-19 assistance programs

Guide 6: “How Is Your Business Faring Currently?

Many business owners surveyed recently are operating at far less than full capacity. Some have severe cash flow challenges. Others have excess real estate on their hands now that “Work from Home” has become so widespread.

Guide 7: “Getting Top Dollar for your Business”

To get the most net proceeds for your business, you’ll want to start viewing and managing your company as a third-party buyer would. You’ll need to understand what performance and financial criteria are important to them

Guide 8: “Has Covid-19 Stressed Your Business Model?