Case Summaries

A Grandparent’s Gift of Enduring Love.

PROBLEMS PRESENTED: How to leave a memorable legacy? A 73 year- old grandfather and his 71 year-old wife, wanted to leave gifts to their 3 beloved grandsons (aged 10, 8, and 5), that they won’t outgrow, break, squander or forget about. The grandfather had done a great...

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Turning a tax problem into a wealth-building opportunity.

PROBLEMS PRESENTED: A big tax bite, a volatile market, and a new spouse. A 33 year old male had just gotten married to a 29 year old female, and they were living in an upscale apartment while she was finishing medical school. While he had a day job earning an average...

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How we exchanged a bad deal for a great deal

PROBLEM PRESENTED: A young engineer client, age 33, and his wife, age 31, found out they were expecting for the first time, with twins on the way. In reviewing his current life insurance coverage, he discovered that his dad and mom had used the maximum annual gift tax...

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