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Term Insurance can provide important interim protection for business owners

Oftentimes, business owners just need to start with a budget. They need to know what the cost range would be for funding a buy-sell agreement, or covering their key employees’ income streams so their families feel secure. We’ve made it simple to determine those numbers. Just click on the Instant Quote link below, and enter a few bits of information to get competitive rates on term insurance from our A+ or A rated carriers:

Permanent life insurance
solutions for wider objectives

Permanent Life Insurance is a non-market correlated separate asset class that business owners can use to secure their retirement lifestyle and maximize the transfer of wealth to future generations. It is by far the best way to safeguard against “sequence of market returns risk” once a business owner places a substantial portion of his former business equity into the public markets. The Advanced Planning Groups of our top-rated carriers keep track of the shifting tax and legal environment and understand how to handle large and complicated planning scenarios and tax diversification strategies.

Life insurance can provide permanent asset protection, permanent guaranteed death benefits, accelerated cash value creation for tax-sheltered asset growth, retirement income supplementation, or a reserve of accessible benefits for chronic illness conditions. Having the right strategy in place makes all the difference between preserving your pre-exit lifestyle throughout retirement or experiencing a stressful financial shortfall. Our network of top-rated insurance carriers provide creative ways to structure your financial affairs to protect against the unique aging risks that occur during retirement. Summit Legacy Advisors has the expertise to truly fortify your family’s financial growth and preservation opportunities. Just fill in the information below, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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Turning a tax problem into a wealth-building opportunity.

PROBLEMS PRESENTED: A big tax bite, a volatile market, and a new spouse. A 33 year old male had just gotten married to a 29 year old female, and they were living in an upscale apartment while she was finishing medical school. While he had a day job earning an average...

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How we exchanged a bad deal for a great deal

PROBLEM PRESENTED: A young engineer client, age 33, and his wife, age 31, found out they were expecting for the first time, with twins on the way. In reviewing his current life insurance coverage, he discovered that his dad and mom had used the maximum annual gift tax...

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