Business Transition

Tips for Business Owners

Maximize Your Value

To maximize the net take-home value of a business, Transition Planning should start 3 to 5 years before the owner wants to leave the business. Since an ultimate separation from the business is inevitable, it might as be well accomplished with forethought, strategy, focus, and preparation. Blue Sea Advisors can help you vastly improve your chances for a successful transition, which we define as true financial independence after the transition is complete.

Here are a few tips from a variety of professionals, from lawyers and investment bankers to experienced authors and speakers, about the process of business exit planning. The sooner you begin the process of exit planning, the higher the chances for a successful business exit on your terms.

Business Valuation Advisor

Why getting a current business valuation is the starting point for an exit plan. Contact us at [email protected] for an affordable yet accurate current business valuation.

Retirement Planning Advisor

Most small business owners intend to use the value of their business to ultimately provide a good standard of living in their retirement–but here’s where they go wrong.

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Why are Business Owners Unprepared for Exit

Navix Consultants founder, Patrick Ungashick, discusses why business owners are unprepared for an exit. For more, see

Business Owners : Start Exit Planning For Selling Your Business Now

Navix Consultants’ founder, Patrick Ungashick, discusses maximizing EBIT and other profitability measures prior to a business exit. For more, see

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John H Brown, President of BEI, talks about the Importance of Exit Planning

John Brown, Founder of BEI, summarizes why business owners need an exit plan. For more, see

Primary Deal Killers in Exit Planning

John Brown, Founder of BEI, discusses 16 Deal Killers that often arise during an exit transaction. For more, see

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What is Exit Planning and Why is it Important?

John Thompson, Corporate Attorney, discusses why exit planning is so important.

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