Strategic Growth

Successful strategic growth initiatives can often increase the transferable value of a business by millions of dollars in a relatively short period of time.

At Blue Sea Advisors, we believe the fastest way to grow a company’s transferable value is to blend the incredible power of Theory of Constraints Management and Metrics (“TOC”) with applicable components of other improvement methodologies, whether it’s Lean, Six Sigma, Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”), or Industry 4.0 Automation. The nature and location of the enterprise’s core constraint will determine which toolset(s) are best suited for achieving strategic growth and the compounding of equity values.

The video overviews below provide some key insights into the thinking processes our Network members utilize with our clients.

Fellow Automation Alley member, Ready Robotics, demonstrates how easy it is to teach a robot to do repetitive tasks these days.

Duration: 2:27

Dr. Alan Barnard on Measurement Systems

Thought Leader Dr. Alan Barnard explains the criteria you need for a good measurement system that drives the right behavior”

Duration: 4:05

A Crash Course on Theory of Constraints

Our TOC colleague and Mentor, Phil Marris, shares “ A Crash Course on Theory of Constraints”, highlighting the futility of running your business on departmental budgets instead of managing the system’s Constraint.

Duration: 13:29

What is Theory of Constraints and why is it called a “Theory”?

Dr. Alan Barnard explains how Constraint Management optimizes the entire system through better, faster decisions.

Duration: 5:07

Impossible Unless?

Dr. Alan Barnard explains how to create your future using “Impossible Unless”?

Duration: 6:32

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business Book SUMMARY in 33 Minutes

This first video is a concise summary of the EOS Operating System as described in the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman:

Duration: 33:03

Providing the answer to “What to change?”

This next video captures a glimpse of Eli Goldratt’s genius, addressing the question, “What to Change”? He mentions Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits as a great work. “Begin with the end in mind” is one of Covey’s famous principles. We obviously subscribe to that philosophy at Blue Sea Advisors.

But add to that Eli Goldratt’s exhortation to measure the global impacts of local decisions, and to pick the weakest chain in the link to improve, and you will see a tremendous change to the bottom line in the most rapid fashion possible. Listen in as Eli describes the experiment at SCI, a $10 billion electronics assembly company, which compared the impacts of installing Lean, Six Sigma, and TOC in their various plants for comparison as to which ones produced the greatest performance results.

Duration: 6:42

The Makings of a Good Strategy

Dr. Eli Goldratt reminds us what makes a good strategy vs. a bad strategy. Every project and every process improvement must be designed to bring a company closer to its purpose for existing. If this is so, do we not need a good tool to determine if a project or a process improvement WILL IN FACT move the company toward its goal and fulfillment of its purpose?

That tool now exists. It is expedient. It harnesses your intuition. It harnesses your executive team’s intuition. It harnesses your key people’s intuition. It renders immediate visibility into the potential impacts of a proposed project or process improvement.

It is revolutionary–and an indispensable tool in guiding your strategic growth initiatives.

Call us today to see a live demonstration of it by calling us at 248-875-7675 or sending an email request to [email protected].

Goldratt’s Response to the 2008 Crisis & Thinking Globally

This next two videos highlight Eli Goldratt’s remarkable reaction to the devastating Great Financial Panic of 2008. Who else, in November of 2008 and January of 2009, was talking like this and showing such incredible wisdom?

Duration: 8:07
Duration: 10:24

EOS Business Case Study
– Detroit Radiator Corporation

Blue Sea Advisors LLC is honored to carry on the philosophy of Eli Goldratt through our continuing involvement with the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization and our growing network of experienced TOC consultants that can help middle market manufacturers create a surge of growth and profitability in their organizations.

The next video, from the EOS Business Case Study library, discusses the incredibly strong impact on sales growth that Detroit Radiator experienced after implementing the EOS methodology.

Duration: 2:15

EOS Business Case Study – ASI Asphalt, Inc.

ASI Asphalt Inc. has also had great success implementing EOS in their organization. This short video discusses how they’ve grown into a $45 million company as a result.

Duration: 1:37

Effective Meetings: Level 10 Meeting for Entrepreneurial Leadership Teams

Gino Wickman, author of Traction, gives a good overview on how to conduct effective Leadership Team Meetings that will be so effective that they merit a “Level 10” rating, and will become the lifeblood of communication within your organization.

Duration: 7:47