Who We Are


A Strong Bench of Expert Resources

With Blue Sea Advisors at your side, your business obtains access to a vast network of experts that provide the intellectual muscle behind our proven business growth and transition processes. As your professional services mentor, coach and resource manager, we provide you with regularly scheduled access to a deep network of collaborative professionals who can tackle your constraints with uncommon expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness normally available only to Fortune 100 companies. All members of our consortium have adopted a culture of progress, providing up-front scope of work quotations, and an analysis of your projected Return on Investment. We only recommend implementing strategies that address your primary business constraints or financial exposures, and we can work with either your current trusted advisors or tap our network of professional resources you have yet to discover.

Our professional consortium was developed over a period of 20+ years through involvement in Young Presidents Organization, World Presidents Organization, and various industry specific business associations. As your business mentor, advocate, and coach, we aim to match you with the right top-notch professionals you’ll need for a successful business exit. As a founding member of the Exit Planning Exchange in Michigan, we make it our business to associate with only the finest exit preparation specialists in our area.

Our consortium consists of:

  • Top tax attorney specialists, whether local or serving a national client base of businesses;
  • Proactive CPAs with advanced tax planning and M&A practices;
  • Process improvement specialists who can help you develop rapid and effective continuous improvement methodologies with a high ROI, using demand-driven manufacturing technologies and team-based management methodologies including Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma, and EOS;
  • Merger and Acquisition Advisory Firms with access to hundreds of potential qualified acquirers;
  • Angel investors interested in funding innovative spin-off;,
  • Private equity firms willing to purchase minority positions to let you take some chips off the table while you retain operating control of the business and the ability to share in the future growth potential of your company;
  • Strategic or industry buyers looking to purchase 100% of your interest in the company;
  • Business-friendly commercial banks, amenable to funding management buyouts or ESOPs;
  • Alternative merchant bankers who can step in if commercial banks step away;
  • Top commercial real estate brokers, who can market and sell your real estate holdings for maximum value and provide current fair market value assessments;
  • Property and casualty insurance counselors and experts, that can address your most serious risks, including cybersecurity, automobile and delivery truck accidents, wrongful death claims, and personal injury claims;
  • Specialists in commercial real estate cost segregation, R&D tax credits, payment processing cost reduction, and procurement cost reduction analysts, to substantially reduce your tax bill and operating costs;
  • Captive insurance company architects to reduce your property and casualty insurance costs or handle the risks standard insurers refuse to cover; and the
  • Advanced planning groups of several major insurance carriers to creatively use insurance and trusts to protect assets, transfer wealth free of taxes, and grow a source of accessible funds immune from current taxation or market value declines.

As a result, you get the benefit of seizing upon proven yet widely unknown and unexecuted strategies for protecting and growing your business and personal assets over the long term, legally minimizing your tax burdens, compounding your wealth, and prudently diversifying your assets into financial vehicles non-correlated with the public markets.

Our affiliate, Summit Legacy Advisors, takes a truly objective, comprehensive and holistic view of your overall financial resources and risks. Our experience has demonstrated that there are more creative, effective, and comprehensive planning strategies than just holding a mix of stock and bond securities to take care of all your personal financial needs going forward. While suitable diversified investment strategies should indeed form a part of your wealth planning, there are some risks in life that private equity or public market investments are just not equipped to handle. We believe in protecting what you have first, before exposing your remaining liquid assets to public markets or the risks and illiquidity features of private equity, real estate, or alternative investments.